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Live+Gov (posted on 18/07/2012)

The Live+Gov Project (Reality Sensing, Mining and Augmentation for Mobile Citizen-eGovernment Dialogue) started on February, 2012 with the aim to develop a mobile eParticipation solution that allows citizens to accurately express their needs to government by using smartphones and takes advantage of a collective citizen intelligence. The key feature of this project is that it fully exploits the capabilities of widely proliferated smartphones for mobile eParticipation, rendering an augmented reality of governmental actions and plans, such that citizens obtain fast and comprehensive feedback on issues they encounter.


o1.ooInforming the citizen about governmental decision 

o2.ooMobile participation in eGovernment 

o3.ooGathering information about the citizen’s desires

o4.ooReporting issues, like road damage or other inconveniences

o5.ooEnabling transparent and citizen-centered authorities

o6.ooAugmented reality

o7.ooReality mining

Field trials:

o1.ooUrban Planning - Informing the citizen about plans and get feedback

o2.ooUrban Maintenance - Reporting issues for a prompt fix

o3.ooMobility - Optimizing public transport by evaluating traveller’s feedback

Project web site: liveandgov.eu


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